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Harrisburg city Youth practical skills mentorship program

This program will be free and very informative. Coming summer 2021 once it is safe to do so and weather permitting...

Does your child have an inventive mind and shows interest in building/puzzles?        

This program is designed to introduce school aged children to practical skills needed for future technical career opportunities. Also there will be lessons on how to start/run a business. College isn't the only way after high-school to achieve a rewarding profitable career. 

“Here at Baugh Construction, we believe our youth should be afforded the opportunity to succeed and receive exposure to a career in the construction/ techical industry.”

A few topics that will be covered 

-Introduction to tools (hammer, wrenches, etc.)

-How to workshops (hands on learning)

-Lessons on business etiquette and mannerism

-How to start your own business 

- and more

"All children are the future."

Stay safe and God Bless,


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